Product review confusion

Dear diary

Ever had a moment of weakness where you just start buying stuff online? Well my moments finally caught up to me. 

Back at work after my study leave and guess what’s waiting for me? 

Story time!!

So I went on a little digital shopping spree because I ran out of hair products…


So when I get to work my curl chemistry and John Frieda is waiting for me! And I’m supposed to do a review of John Frieda Dream curls. Like whaaaaat!? I know. Oh you missed that part?

I bought curl chemistry because well… Curl chemistry is life duhr and I entered for the ruby box test review for the dream curls shampoo and conditioner. Yikes, shampoo I know. Now I’m feel like both my crushes are standing infront of me, only one knows that I like them… I’m going off subject! 

Unnecessary Long story short. I’ll be doing a review a review on John Frieda Dream curls shampoo and conditioner as well as curl chemistry deep conditioner, sulphate free shampoo with of course the curl activating cream.

Stay reading
Yours truly